Q: What is Asymmetry?

A: Asymmetry is the pioneer in novel and high yield DeFi opportunities backed by real yield. Asymmetry’s noncustodial smart contracts automate complicated DeFi strategies that harness rewards from Ethereum staking, Frax, and Curve and abstract away the complexity of a user navigating multiple dApps. Restaking via Eigenlayer and leverage opportunities will be coming soon.

Q: What is afETH?

A: afETH is a hybrid Liquid Staking Token (LST) built of Staked Frax Ether (sfrxETH) and Vote-Locked Convex (vlCVX) that returns the highest yield of any LST on the market. Exact token proportions can be seen on the ‘My Positions’ page. afETH is not a rebasing token, and instead accrues rewards by increasing in price relative to ETH.

User deposits ETH and the smart contracts do the rest, generating 10+% APY on their position – over 3x that of regular staking rewards.

Q: Why would I want afETH?

A: afETH supercharges LST yield through the Convex flywheel. By holding afETH, users receive ~3x the yield that they would receive by just staking ETH.

Q: Where can I trade afETH?

A: Mint and redeem on the Asymmetry DApp, or trade on Curve.

Q: Who is the Asymmetry team?

A: The AF team is composed of veteran DeFi builders from ShapeShift, Silo Finance, Giveth, Token Engineering Commons, Genesis Trading, and more. The full AF team page will be unveiled soon on the AF website.

Q: What is the minimum ETH I can deposit to mint afETH?

A: The minimum is currently 0.05 ETH.

Q: What are the gas fees to stake afETH?

A: Asymmetry has pioneered a novel gas optimization measure - Offering amongst the lowest gas fees for staking/unstaking across the Liquid Staking space. Often sub $10, gwei dependent.

Q: I’m from the United States, why can I not access Asymmetry’s website?

A: Due to regulatory risk mitigation measures, Asymmetry can not be accessed from the United States, nor be used by a U.S. citizen at this time.

Q: Do you have a Telegram community?

A: No, Asymmetry’s official social channels are Twitter and Discord. The full list of links can be found on the Linktree.

Q: Do you have any connection to Asymetrix?

A: No, Asymmetry and Asymetrix are not affiliated.

Q: Is Asymmetry hosting any further fundraising rounds?

A: Fundraising/investment queries can be sent to contact@asymmetry.finance.

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