The Gem Rush ($ASF Airdrop)

What is The Gem Rush (Airdrop)?

The Gem Rush is an interactive journey throughout the Asymmetry ecosystem.

Users will be able to complete an ever-evolving set of tasks to earn Gems which are redeemable for an $ASF airdrop at the end of the Rush.

The Gem Rush finale will coincide with the launch of $ASF (date: TBA).

What are Gems?

Gems are earned through participation in the Asymmetry ecosystem, redeemable for $ASF token upon airdrop. It’s simple, the more Gems, the larger the Airdrop.

$ASF will govern the Asymmetry ecosystem, yielding users more voting power with more $ASF (and one day, vlASF)

Gem Accrual

Gems accrue daily, and are displayed weekly on the 'Gem Rush' page on the Asymmetry website.


Users that stake afETH or afCVX can create their own unique referral code to send to friends/family/fellow degens.

When your friends deposit, you get 16% of the Gems they earn. And when their friends deposit, you get 8% of the Gems they earn! A win-win.

Unstaking during the Gem Rush

Users may unstake their afCVX or afETH at any time. However, by doing so, users reduce the number of gems per week they earn. If a user unstakes all of their afETH or afCVX, their gems will be redistributed to other users who remain staked.

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