What is Asymmetry?

The Asymmetry protocol builds comprehensive Liquid Staking solutions on Ethereum.

Asymmetry pioneers novel LST solutions tailored to all staking desires: From market-leading yield that’s sustainable and scalable, or a composable all-in-one product underpinned by the widest basket of LSTs, Asymmetry have you covered.


  1. Market-leading Yield: It is no secret that the market flows to high-yield. A core mission of Asymmetry is to find the balance between achieving market-leading yield and sustainability at scale. afETH achieves market leading real yield by harnessing the power of the Convex ecosystem.

  2. Composability: Liquid Staking was originally designed to be composable across the wide world of DeFi. Both afETH and safETH were designed with that in mind - To be accessible, composable and reliable. Users must be able to use their tokens across the DeFi ecosystem while still earning yield.

  3. Decentralization: At its core, Asymmetry formed to tackle the issue of centralization within the staked Ether market. Namely, the risk posed by Lido, the dominant Liquid Staking provider, controlling Ethereum nodes at critical mass. A size that Vitalik Buterin, co-founder of Ethereum, stated is beyond double the amount of control that is ‘unsafe’ to Ethereum. Through safETH and afETH, users help to push ETH into other staking protocols that spread ETH across validators.

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