What is Asymmetry?

Asymmetry Finance is the ultimate staking & synthetic dollar protocol - Pioneering solutions that achieve the highest sustainable yield in their respective markets.

Asymmetry Product Overview (af)

  • afCVX is the first-ever instant liquidity + market-leading yield product in Convex staking.

  • afETH offers users sustainable 10%+ yield on their ETH, 3x the regular staking rate

  • afUSD (soon) is a high-yield synthetic dollar - A fully on-chain alternative to Ethena

  • afeETH (soon) is the highest-yield LRT in DeFi & first high-yield opportunity for EtherFi stakers.

How to get involved?

Buy and lock the $ASF token, to vote on governance within the Asymmetry ecosystem, receive boosted yield, revenue sharing, and more.

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