Welcome to Asymmetry Finance

The Asymmetry Finance protocol has been developed as a comprehensive solution to address the issue of centralization within the staked Ether market.
By implementing this protocol, users will be incentivized with an efficient yield generation model, resulting in market-leading returns.
Risk is effectively mitigated through the diversification features inherent in the Asymmetry Ethereum Products (afETH & safETH). These Liquid Staked Token (LST) Ethereum Index products have been meticulously designed to ensure a more equitable distribution of the Total Value Locked (TVL) among LST providers.
The current dominance of Lido Finance, controlling approximately 88% of the staked Ether market, presents risks associated with centralization. This concentration of control poses vulnerabilities in the event of bugs, severe depegging, or regulatory sanctions.
To attract market participants and align the decentralization of the staked Ethereum market with financial incentives, Asymmetry Finance employs a proprietary algorithm and yield generation model that offers market-leading yield. By appealing to rational investors through attractive yields, Asymmetry Finance aims to establish a symbiotic relationship between investors and the greater Ethereum ecosystem.
Last modified 2mo ago