The afCVX Token

afCVX is composed of two distinct parts, accessible in a single click when minting afCVX. afCVX is an ERC-4626 Tokenized Vault Standard style token.

Part 1:

80% of afCVX is deposited into CLever, the 2nd largest Convex wrapper in existence with over 3.3 million CVX deposited.

The Asymmetry team has partnered with Aladdin DAO, the team behind CLever to ensure that all CLever CVX inside of afCVX is fully optimized to create the highest yield possible.

The CVX allocated into CLever earns yield from two places. First, the CVX deposited earns Votium incentive rewards, just like any other Convex wrapper. Then, CLeverโ€™s trademark 1.5x, non liquidating, stable leverage is utilized. clevCVX is minted at a 50% LTV against the CVX deposit and deposited into the CLever Furnace, where it earns additional yield while being โ€œburnedโ€ from clevCVX into native CVX.

Part 2:

The other 20% of afCVX is deposited into Convexโ€™s native liquid-staked CVX (stkCVX), which receives 4.5% of Curve fees captured by Convex ($343m, and counting) and is fully liquid at all times. The combination of these two parts grants afCVX instant liquidity and higher yield than any other Convex Wrapper.

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