Asymmetry Product Overview

Asymmetry’s current products include:


  • afCVX (Asymmetry Finance Convex): The Ultimate CVX Supercharger - Offering the highest yield of any Convex wrapper. Instant Liquidity with no mandatory 16-week lockup.

Ethereum LSTs

  • afETH (Asymmetry Finance Ethereum): The flagship hybrid LST - Providing market-leading real yield on Ethereum, by harnessing the power of the Curve and Convex ecosystems. afETH is proudly scalable and sustainable, bringing 10%+ yield on ETH in an unprecedented way. afETH is composed of Staked Frax Ethereum (sfrxETH) and Vote-Locked Convex (vlCVX).

  • safETH (Simple Asymmetry Finance Ethereum): [LEGACY] - Asymmetry’s first product, safETH, provided a straightforward solution to decentralizing the staked Ether market, underpinned by a basket of LSTs, with a primary focus on composability, versatility, and reliability. Owning safETH grants users a piece of Rocket Pool, Frax, Swell, Ankr, and StaFi, all in one click. All the while contributing to the decentralization of the Liquid Staking market. safETH is now in withdrawal-only mode, as Asymmetry shifts its collective focus on building more innovative, higher-yield products.


  • $ASF: Asymmetry’s governance and utility token for use within the Asymmetry ecosystem. ASF facilitates holders to vote on governance proposals by delegating ASF akin to ‘votes’ in voting proposals, put forward by both the community and DAO members - Ultimately shaping the direction of the Asymmetry protocol going forward. ASF can be locked to receive boosted yield, revenue sharing, and more. Further details on ASF will be released at a later date.

  • veASF: Soon anon.

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