1. Market-leading Yield: It is no secret that the market flows to high yield. Asymmetry strives to push boundaries on what can be achieved for yield - building products that strike a healthy balance between achieving market-leading yield, and sustainability at scale. afETH and afCVX achieves market-leading real yield by harnessing the power of the Convex ecosystem.

  1. Composability: Liquid Staking was originally designed to be composable across the wide world of DeFi. afCVX and afETH was designed with that in mind - To be accessible, composable, and reliable. Users must be able to use their tokens across the DeFi ecosystem while still earning yield, and that is possible with afETH.

  1. Real Yield: Asymmetry has long studied market trends and practices, repeatedly witnessing a variety of failed yield structures. Asymmetry firmly believes in delivering real yield to users, as in, yield that can be relied upon and not subject to short-term or naive strategy. A prime example of this is the model of artificial yield propped up by an inflationary governance token - No matter the intricacies, the market has witnessed these structures ultimately fail at the detriment of users. Asymmetry builds products with Real Yield at the core, for users to transparently know where their yield comes from, why it’s sustainable, and why it can be trusted over time.

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