afCVX Functionality


Users can deposit and mint afCVX using two assets initially, with more to follow.

  • CVX: Minting afCVX is easily done in a single click using CVX. Simply type in the amount you wish to deposit, and press Deposit. Now sit back and relax and let the yield roll in! Note that cost to stake is quite low because the background contract interactions are batched and executed on a daily basis.

  • uCVX: Minting afCVX with uCVX is a two step process that requires time to elapse. Users will first enter the amount of uCVX they wish to migrate to afCVX and press Deposit. Users will be given a date at which they can return to claim their afCVX in the Claim tab. Users can return at that date and simply press Claim to receive their afCVX. Now sit back and relax and let the yield roll in! Note that there is a fee associated with migrating from uCVX, charged by uCVX & Pirex that is almost entirely offset by the partnership with Aladdin DAO & Clever. To learn more about this, click here.


There are two ways to withdraw and redeem afCVX for CVX.

a) Instant Unstake - 2% Fee.

  • Users selecting this option will receive CVX instantly. There is a 2% fee associated with instant unstaking in order to prevent gamification of the system. This fee is immediately sent directly back into afCVX, so the withdrawers' loss is everyone else's gain!

  • Every week, 25% of the available liquid stkCVX within afCVX is available to users to withdraw from. This restriction is in place to give the protocol time to rebalance in the event of large withdrawals, as well as guard against bad actors, and is subject to change.

b) Regular Unstake - Zero Fee

  • Users selecting this option will be given a date that they can come back and Claim their unlocked CVX.

Regular unstake uses a rolling queue system where users are given a date at which their CVX is unlocked and available to claim. Users will be given the first available date at no additional cost.

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