Asymmetry Ecosystem


afETH - Asymmetry Finance Ethereum

The flagship hybrid LST - Providing market-leading real yield on Ethereum, by harnessing the power of the Curve and Convex ecosystems. afETH is composed of Staked Frax Ethereum (sfrxETH) and Vote-Locked Convex (vlCVX).

safETH - Simple Asymmetry Finance Ethereum

The straightforward solution to decentralizing the staked Ether market, underpinned by a basket of LSTs, with a primary focus on composability, versatility and reliability. Owning safETH grants users a piece of Rocket Pool, Frax, Swell, Ankr and StaFi, all in one-click. All the while contributing to the decentralization of the Liquid Staking market.


ASF: Soon anon, soon.

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