As afETH is composed of 70% sfrxETH and 30% vlCVX, 30% of user deposits are locked for up to 16 weeks. As detailed in the Staking, Zapping, & Lockingsection, it is possible for users to exit via Regular Unstake in less than 16 weeks due to the fungibility of CVX tokens.

With that being said, there are two ways to unstake afETH.

Regular Unstake

Users who select Regular Unstake will receive the entire portion of their deposit that is held in sfrxETH (70%) immediately, in ETH.

The remainder of the deposit will be available to claim at a later date based on Convex locking and unlocking availability. The afETH contract uses the most efficient routing to ensure users are locked for the minimum amount of time.

Users may view the portion of their deposit that is unlocking in the Claims tab, including a date of request, amount, and unlock date. Users may return to the DApp on that date to claim their unlocked deposit, in ETH.

Instant Unstake

Users who do not wish to wait for their entire deposit to unlock may select the Instant Unstake option when withdrawing.

Asymmetry facilitates the instant unstake by returning the user liquid ETH for a fee in exchange for the users afETH. Given that the protocol must wait until the users CVX unlocks in order to be liquid, there is a fee and limited capacity for instant unstaking. Instant unstaking is only available for users withdrawing <2 ETH at this time.

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