safETH Functionality

Asymmetry Ethereum products, including safETH, adhere to the same weighting principles. safETH offers a straightforward exchange process where users can convert their ETH to safETH with just a few clicks. It streamlines the user experience, making DeFi more accessible and secure for all users.

By addressing the centralization challenges in the staked Ether market, offering sustainable yield generation, and providing a simple way to stake your ETH.

Current safETH Makeup

Currently, safETH is built of the following derivatives with the following weights.

  • Lido Finance Staked Ethereum - wstETH - 26%

  • Rocketpool Staked Ethereum- rETH - 27%

  • Frax Finance Staked Ethereum - sfrxETH - 27%

  • Swell Network Staked Ethereum - swETH - 15%

  • StaFi Staked Ethereum - rETH - 3%

  • Ankr Staked Ethereum - ankrETH - 1%

Weighting is optimized to ensure users have the best experience possible when interacting with safETH. In this case, it means that weighting is primarily optimized for the least amount of slippage and overall decentralization.

In the future, Asymmetry will allow the Asymmetry DAO to vote on derivative weighting.

Future Index Expansion

If you are an emerging LST protocol and wish to be considered for inclusion into the safETH index, please reach out via Discord or email

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