Indexefficiency - Gas Optimization

As part of the Asymmetry mission to democratize and decentralize Ethereum staking, it is important for users of all sizes to be able to stake their ETH seamlessly.

With this goal in mind, Asymmetry has created Indexefficiency.

For users staking 0.05-2 ETH

Through Indexefficiency, Asymmetry has created a pre-mint functionality that allows smaller stakers to stake with just a simple transfer function, resulting in the lowest gas fees possible for a user to stake their ETH across multiple providers anywhere. In total, the result is over 70% lower gas than a standard stake.

This is possible through the Asymmetry Pre-Mint functionality, where the protocol pre-mints a predetermined amount of safETH at strategically low gas thresholds specifically for the purpose of swapping it with smaller stakers.


At this time, staking into safETH requires a minimum of 0.05 ETH and a maximum of 200 ETH in a single transaction. These limitations are in place to provide the most seamless experience possible. These limitations may change in the future.

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