What is Asymmetry?

Asymmetry is the pioneer in novel and high yield DeFi opportunities for LSTs and LRTs backed by real yield. User deposits ETH and the smart contracts do the rest, generating 10+% APY on their position – over 3x that of regular staking rewards. Asymmetry’s noncustodial smart contracts automate complicated DeFi strategies that harness rewards from Ethereum staking, Frax, and Curve and abstract away the complexity of a user navigating multiple dApps. Restaking via Eigenlayer and leverage opportunities will be coming soon.

What is afETH?

afETH is a hybrid Liquid Staking Token (LST) built of Staked Frax Ether (sfrxETH) and Vote-Locked Convex (vlCVX) that returns the highest yield of any LST on the market. Exact token proportions can be seen on the ‘My Positions’ page. afETH is not a rebasing token, and instead accrues rewards by increasing in price relative to ETH.

What is safETH?

safETH is a diversified basket of LSTs bundled into one token. safETH offers holders access to a wide ETH validator set and helps to decentralize Ethereum rather than increase the amount of ETH staked with a single entity.

Why would I want afETH?

afETH supercharges LST yield through the Convex flywheel. By holding afETH, users receive ~3x the yield that they would receive by just staking ETH.

Why would I want safETH?

Lido controls about ⅓ of all Ethereum validators, posing a centralization risk to the ecosystem. By offering holders access to a wide ETH validator set, safETH helps to decentralize the Ethereum ecosystem rather than increase the amount of ETH staked with a single entity.

Where can I trade afETH or safETH?

Mint and redeem on the Asymmetry DApp, or trade on Curve.

I’m from the United States, why can I not stake?

Due to regulatory risk mitigation measures, Asymmetry can not be accessed from the United States, nor be used in any capacity by a U.S. citizen at this time.

My wallet doesn’t show afETH or safETH or their prices!

As newer tokens, afETH and safETH may not have price feeds integrated in wallets yet. However, you can see your balance at any time by visiting the My Positions page.

How can I unstake afETH?

Navigate to the Unstake tab to unstake afETH.

Users have two options when unstaking afETH. They may elect for the Regular Unstake, where they receive 70% of their afETH balance back in the form of ETH immediately, followed by the remaining 30% being claimable in the Claim tab at a later date due to the nature of Convex unlocking. Asymmetry has created a novel redemption mechanism where users will likely receive the remaining 30% of their deposit back sooner than the maximum unlock time shown when staking.

Alternatively, users who wish to receive their entire balance back immediately, may elect for Instant Unstake for a fee. The maximum instant unstake is 2 afETH. There is limited capacity for instant unstake at this time.

How can I unstake safETH?

Navigate to the Unstake tab to unstake safETH. Users receive their entire safETH deposit in the form of ETH instantly.

What is the minimum/maximum stake?

afETH - Minimum: 0.01 ETH, Maximum: 100 ETH

safETH: Minimum: 0.05 ETH, Maximum: 200 ETH

For users staking larger amounts, it is recommended to use an RPC with MEV protection.

How much does it cost to mint afETH?

There are a few methods that users can use to mint afETH. To note, it will always be cheapest to mint afETH with ETH. Using other tokens will require the contracts to process an additional transaction and therefore incur additional gas cost.

However, in an effort to make gas cheaper for smaller users, those users that deposit <2 ETH will be routed through a method that swaps internally with the afETH contract and makes gas quite inexpensive. However, there is limited capacity for this functionality. Users swapping >2 ETH will be routed through the regular staking method, which is still quite optimized.

Metamask says the gas is very expensive to stake, help!

Metamask has a known bug that often overestimates the amount of gas by 2-3x used by a transaction when interacting with newer protocols. This issue does not appear when using alternative wallets.

I’ve already staked before and I want to stake more. Why is it asking me to approve again?

Asymmetry takes security very seriously and does not use unlimited approval transactions by default to ensure the safety of users. Because of this, the contracts will not be able to use any more of a token than is approved. The downside is that users will have to approve again when returning to stake more. Users who wish to override this may change the approval amount within their wallet.

When I look at my afETH transaction on Etherscan, I see a yellow logo saying there was some kind of error?

When looking at some staking transactions into afETH on Etherscan, users may see a message that reads “Although one or more Error Occurred [execution reverted] Contract Execution Completed”. This is perfectly normal and is a result of how the contract is designed in order to save gas and save users money! For a detailed explanation, please see the developer docs.

What do I need to know about the Gem Rush if I withdraw?

Users that withdraw from Asymmetry prior to the completion of the Gem Rush will not receive Gems redeemable for $ASF upon token launch.

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